Polymer wheels

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We make small wheels out of plastics. Currently we have three sizes in stock to choose from, all made out of molybdenum filled nylon. They range in size from a nominal 1 inch to 3 inch diameter.

Our small wheels are injection molded with 0.875" bearings molded directly in.
Inside diameter: 0.372"
Outside diameter: 1.110"
Thickness: 0.645"
Material: Molybdenum Filled Nylon

Our medium wheels are machined or molded with bearings inserted afterwards and held in by a spring clip
Inside diameter: 0.500"
Outside diameter: 1.665"
Thickness: 0.975"
Material: Molybdenum Filled Nylon

Our large wheels are turned from molybdenum filled nylon. Bearings are placed in both sides and held in by a nut and bolt.
Inside diameter: 0.500"
Outside diameter: 2.945"
Thickness: 1.125"
Material: Molybdenum Filled Nylon

We also offer custom made wheels.

The wheels above may be machined to different dimensions or made of different plastics to meet your needs. They may be made to accept bearings or with a through hole for a shaft of any size.

Custom injection molded wheels are an option to machining.

Injection molded parts are often less expensive than machined parts in quantities around a thousand or more. We offer captive molding which allows us to place an insert like a bearing in the mold and inject plastic around it.